Crisis schmisis

by 15 Dec 2008

Crisis schmisis

Let’s put the financial crisis, economic downturns, and recessions aside for now and talk about something trivial for a spot of light relief. In fact, it is something that is often a lot more worrying for many an HR department – the company Christmas party.

Yes, many company parties have been cancelled – Morgan Stanley, American Express, Barclays Capital etc – and to you guys I apologise. To everybody else, well, it’s time to paarttaaaaay!!

Yes, it’s been a rough year for everybody and it’s time to try and block out all those nasty troubled markets and focus on relaxing and having a good time. And it’s HR’s job to encourage people to do that.

Even if your company’s profit is down from last year, that doesn’t mean that individual effort was down – in fact, if anything, individual effort in such trying times was probably up.

So, even if you have no more money and the budget is maxed to the max – do something! There are still some free suggestions such as picnics or beach days, to name just a couple. What is important is to do something to get everybody together, to have fun.

As Professor Roger Collins said last week, it is only through positive experiences that employees build resilience (see Letters to the Editor p4) – and, if we look at what’s in store next year (see “A hard line for ‘09”, p14), resilience will be needed.

And after the parties, after the festivities have ceased; we must brace ourselves for 2009 and go into it with a kick and hop, and meet every challenge head on and with enthusiasm. Companies who send pessimistic and downtrodden teams into next year will be facing an uphill battle from the outset.

Those of us at Human Resources magazine are looking forward to next year because many an exciting plan lies in store.

So from Human Resources magazine to all our readers, Merry Christmas, folks, and a Happy New Year.