Women would get plastic surgery to boost career

by 14 Sep 2010

A fifth of Australian women would consider or have already had a cosmetic procedure to improve their appearance in order to get a major promotion at work, according to new research.

A poll off 500 women by The Heat Group has revealed that 85 per cent believe there is greater pressure on women to be attractive at work compared to men.

A third (30 per cent) said they have personally experienced appearance-based discrimination.

Gillian Franklin, Heat Group managing director, said: “These results are a disappointing reminder of workplace discrimination in Australia, all employees have the right to trust that they will be rewarded for their work and not their looks.”

Eighteen per cent said they would resort to plastic surgery to boost their career opportunities.

“This statistic is a strong indicator of the consequences this type of pressure has on females, and needs to be immediately discouraged within the workforce,” said Franklin.

“Our society is trying to help women feel happier about themselves, their looks and their body and workplaces are counteracting these efforts by emphasising the importance of physical appearance.”


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