Whinging workers: top grievances revealed

by HCA19 Oct 2011

If you’re in farming, event management or the legal profession, chances are your workforce are a happy bunch, according to a new workplace survey.

However, those in travel and tourism, media and marketing, and IT are likely to whinge about co-workers, boredom and lack of training and acknowledgement, according to the latest survey from training organisation, Upskilled.

Working long hours and having too much to do also rated highly among disgruntled staff.

Mark Sexty, director of Upskilled, said the research showed employers in certain sectors need to take more notice of workplace issues, and make employees feel more valued.

“Employers may not control every single aspect of the working environment, but they can make sure they are offering adequate training and providing acknowledgement for achievements within the workplace, in order to keep staff happy and motivated,” he said.

The top rating requests from workers included:

  • Getting more recognition (30%) – Almost half said they would like to see a rewards system introduced into their workplace
  • Flexible work options, including being able to work from home (27%) 
  • Getting more support from management (20%)

Notably, 18% of respondents said they would value massages more highly than access to a gym, saying it would help lift workplace morale.

Among the respondents, 66% of travel and tourism workers said their biggest complaint was boredom, while 50% of architects said they had too much work to get through.

Workers in event management said their management was unsupportive (50%), and 42% of sales staff said they were most annoyed by decisions being made behind their back.




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