What workers want from wellness programs

by Janie Smith08 Sep 2014
Providing workplace wellness programs is becoming increasingly popular among employers, but they’re not always what employees want.

A survey by wellness program provider Virgin Pulse found that there were “significant gaps” between what workers wanted and what was on offer, Workforce reported.

Virgin Pulse CEO Chris Boyce said that in order to create an effective program, it had to meet the needs of employees depending on their industry, age, health status and other factors.

“Personalisation is critical. Wellness programs need to be comprehensive and tailored to the individual, meeting them where they are and helping them keep their healthy goals and ambitions in check with robust resources,” he told Workforce.

The survey found that the most popular programs among employers were smoking cessation programmes (54%), physical activity (53%), mental health and depression management services (52%) and health club memberships (50%).

However, employees’ most wanted programs were physical activity (72%), healthy on-site food choices (65%) and on-site gym facilities or fitness classes (62%).

The survey also found that nearly three quarters of employers planned to expand the range of programs on offer in the future.

What wellness programs are most popular at your organisation?


  • by Renee Devereaux 23/10/2014 6:27:13 AM

    Physical activity is most in demand and I feel various forms are important ---- not just aerobic! I'm an instructor of Dance Artistry as a form of self-expression as well as exercise and fitness,

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