Want to keep your staff this New Year? Start keeping promises

by HCA05 Dec 2012

Over half of all Australian employees plan to leave their current employer in the New Year – what’s driving this desire for change though is a perception of career instability at their current workplace.

The latest World of Work report from Randstad offered the following key statistics:

  • 56% plan to leave their job in 2013
  • One third (33%) feel less secure in their position than they did a year ago
  • Australian employees recorded the lowest levels of job security of all workers in the Asia Pacific region

Young workers are by far the most assured in their current positions – just 20% of Gen Y feeling less secure than they did in 2011. This may be an indicator that engagement and retention efforts are being too heavily focused on the younger workers, leaving mature workers wondering about their career stability – some 39% admitted to feeling more vulnerable in their position than a year ago.

For HR professionals wondering what can be done to turn around these alarming statistics, the data suggests it’s time to re-look at what career advancement opportunities are being effectively communicated.

The key drivers for employees to walk include:

  • Uncompetitive salary
  • Broken recruitment promises
  • Poor work-life balance

Deb Loveridge, Randstand Asia-Pac MD said the results show Aussie employees are clear on the qualities they value in an employer.


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