Turnbull challenges Abbott for prime ministership

by Miklos Bolza14 Sep 2015
At around 4pm today, Malcolm Turnbull announced that he would challenge Tony Abbott for Prime Ministership. With the support of Julie Bishop, Turnbull has resigned from cabinet and has stressed the need to “make a change for our country’s sake, for the government’s sake, for the party’s sake”.
If Turnbull succeeds and is named as the next Prime Minister, what will this mean for businesses and HR? Although he has been tight-lipped about industrial relations over the last five years, in previous years he has shown his support for business interests in IR.
In 2009 during his time in Opposition, he urged the Rudd Government to lift the threshold under which small businesses are exempt from unfair dismissal laws from 15 to 25 staff to provide additional protection for these more vulnerable organisations.
He is also a proponent of an open market, saying that productivity growth comes from “firms working smarter, or getting more output from each unit of labour [and] less productive firms going out of business”. 


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