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by HRD11 Oct 2018

About one in four job hunters in Australia go into an interview with the mindset of interviewing the employer, according to new research by Indeed.

Furthermore, the study found that 70% of job hunters consider the interview as an opportunity for them to get to know the company.

Indeed’s job whisperer, Ruby Lee, said job hunters are missing the bullseye when it comes to searching for a job because they are not expanding and completing their search.

“Job hunting can be a daunting and scary task however, searching for a job should be an exciting time full of opportunity.”

The research also found almost four in five Australians missed out on a

job opportunity, with a third believing this was because they didn’t hear about it in time.

A further 14% of Australians said the reason they had missed an opportunity was because they were looking in the wrong place.

As a result, job hunters regretted not expanding their search and are left feeling unsettled. They also believe they are impacted by receiving less pay.

The report also showed that 90% of job hunters admit to not being aware of all job opportunities when searching for a job.

Interestingly, 3.7 million of Australian job hunters don't know what job they are searching for when looking for a job.

Moreover, Gen Y job hunters took an average of 67 days to secure their next job, compared to 98 days for Gen X and 100 days for Boomers.

Additionally, the report found that a job hunter’s chance of finding their next job in a timely fashion could be greatly enhanced by using multiple online job sites, with those who used more than one site in their last search finding a job in less than a month.

Other key findings from the report include:

● Men are almost twice as likely to be very specific when searching for a job (24% male, 13% female)

● 62% of Australians rating job sites as a preferred mechanism for finding their next job.

● Millennials who used online job sites in their last search secured a position almost a month (28 days)

sooner than their peers who didn’t use an online job site.

● 1 in 4 job hunters admit that wanting an increase in pay was the driving force behind their last job search.

● 1 in 4 Australian job hunters go into an interview with the mind-set of interviewing the employer while 7 in 10 consider the interview an opportunity for them to get to know about the company.


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