The Starlight success: Building a creative organisation

by HCA26 Nov 2013
Organisations today are operating with increasingly diverse and geographically dispersed workforces. Traditional institutional lines no longer apply and both physical and functional boundaries are more fluid and blurred than ever before.
In a business environment such as this, how can companies seize opportunity and success? Susan Henry, head of people and culture at not-for-profit Starlight Children’s Foundation and a finalist for HR Director of the Year at this year’s Australian HR Awards, says creativity is key.  
Henry sees the creative organisation as one that is flexible and agile, with the leadership to adapt quickly in a constantly changing environment. The Starlight Children’s Foundation successfully unleashed these capabilities to seize elusive opportunities and achieve goals – all with little to no budget for people initiatives.
So how did they do it? Find out at the National HR Summit next April when Susan Henry will give a presentation on ‘Cultivating organisational creativity in an age of complexity’.
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