The lighter side: The source of office rows

by HCA05 Feb 2014
It’s only natural that in a workplace made up of multiple personalities there will be some kind of friction between colleagues every now and then. But what are the main culprits for getting workers hot under the collars?
Topping the list for creating annoyance among staff is the great battle for annual leave. According to a survey by, being denied leave because a colleague has snatched away their planned holiday by booking the dates is the main gripe for over a third of employees.
The Daily Mail reported the study found 84% of workers plan to make holiday bookings in January to not only have something to look forward to but to ‘pip others to the post’. And a fifth are so organised that within the first four weeks of the New Year they have planned all their holidays.
Competition for time off may be the top cause of tension, but for a quarter of workers what draws their ire is people stealing food from the office fridge.
And if they are not grumbling about food theft, it’s colleagues taking too much time to devour their lunch. Around 17% said they despise co-workers taking too long over lunch.



  • by Ozzie 5/02/2014 4:53:26 PM

    We had a staff member request all his annual leave around every public holiday for the entire year once. He had no plans to go away or do anything specific, just wanted to have the option for maximising his time off so no one else could beat him to it. He could not understand why we said 'no'. In a workplace of 8 people it would be a quick way to make yourself very unpopular!

  • by MM 7/02/2014 12:35:12 PM

    And then there are workplaces such as mine where I need my team (and myself) to put in for the majority of their leave in the October prior to the next calendar year so I can set the project work coming up around their availability.

    Of course there is the ability to ask for random and unexpected annual leave - but most of it has to be planned

    But I too had a staff member wanting one day after every public holiday - and she got a knock back for some of them.

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