The hiring policy that has everyone talking

by HCA12 Feb 2014
Would you consider listing a job which specifies the applicant must be "Nice: Life is too short to work with jerks"? One US company did and it is part of their strict “no jerks” hiring policy.

Henry Albrecht, CEO of health and wellness company Limeade, implemented the policy after a staff member posed a rhetorical question; “That person could totally do the job, but do we really want him representing our company?”

From there the conversation turned to that maybe the company should focus on hiring team players and the “no jerks” policy was born.

Albrecht explained to that the company’s definition of a jerk is someone who cares more about his or her own personal or career interests than the teams.

Once they had the definition Limeade then amended and added to their company values to reflect the “no jerks” mind-set. And while it wasn’t added to the employee handbook they did include it in job descriptions.

So how does it work when it comes to hiring? Albrecht said they look out for a smile, a laugh or a ‘thank you’.

“Gratitude and self-awareness is big to us. A little homework on the company helps. Complaining is a quick ticket out,” he told

The policy must have hit the right nerve; Albrecht states that since adding the “no jerks” line to the job description they’ve noticed an increase in people actively pursuing roles with them.
Do you agree with this policy? Would you consider implementing a “no jerks” hire policy? Let us know in the comment section below.


  • by Noel Donkin 12/02/2014 12:22:47 PM

    I wouldnt implement this as a Policy, however, when hiring, glass half empty, me-first, bad attitude, over-bearing or opinionated candidates are culled very quickly. You can always help someone gain the skills needed, but only they can change their attitude. Attitude is always top priority. If unsure, I may provoke an interviewee, just to see how they respond. Team dynamic can be destroyed quickly by a toxic individual.

  • by Carolyn Herraman 12/02/2014 2:40:45 PM

    Completely agree Noel!
    Our 'Above The Line' policy promotes a proactive 'I Will' and 'We Will' attitude, of which is also incorporated into our recruitment and selection process!
    Therefore feel we too have a 'no jerk' policy, just different approach.
    This also ensures a clear message of behavioural expectations and cultural fit at the onset.

  • by Deborah 12/02/2014 2:42:02 PM

    *laughing* I think this is gold, and a very smart piece of company branding. In this one step they've clearly identified their culture and values not only to potential employees, but also to their customers.

    For the right company, in the right industry I think this style would work very well - as long as they walk the talk.

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