Take a chill pill, it’s only Christmas

by Stephanie Zillman19 Dec 2012

For many HR professionals this is the last week of work before a well-deserved break – after all, it’s been a mammoth year. But with more on the to-do list than time to do it, it’s time to take stock of what’s really important.  Here’s how:

  1. Don’t be afraid to cancel. If you’ve got yet another Christmas function on tonight, and the very thought of it is making you nauseous, don’t go. Back when you RSVP’d two months ago your calendar wasn’t nearly as full and it all seemed so festive and fun. Send a polite email or make a call explaining your predicament and follow up with a card if you’re feeling especially guilty.

  2. Are your deadlines real or self-imposed? We get this idea in our heads that certain tasks simply must be finished before we go on a break. But whose deadline is it? January may actually be the best time to catch-up on paperwork given the quiet and more relaxed vibe after the hectic Christmas close down.

  3. Project manage. One way to minimise the chaos is to step in, find out who's bought gifts for who, then organise a Secret Santa – chances are everyone will be relieved they only have to buy one gift instead of 20. Accommodate for those who've miraculously already done their purchasing.

  4. Don’t be a scrooge. Amongst the stress of present shopping and negotiating family feuds, so often the real point of Christmas gets lost. While it’s easier said than done to stay positive, your ability to stay optimistic will actually be key to getting through it with your sanity intact. Joke with others about what’s causing your stress, share your holiday plans and stay focused on what you're looking forward to.

  5. Celebrate! Be merry, wear some Rudolph earrings or a goofy tie. It’s Christmas: going a little crazy is part in parcel with the season! Reflect on your achievements in 2012 and look forward to meeting new goals and challenges in the New Year! That's reason enough to celebrate.


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