Switching on to HR systems

by 22 Jul 2008

TALENT MANAGEMENT and workforce issues trump technology systems enhancements or upgrades as the top priority of HR executives, a global study has found.

The study found that 40 per cent of senior HR professionals believed delivering talent and performance management via technology was the most important HR service delivery issue, followed by recruiting and staffing services/systems at 32 per cent.

Since the survey began 11 years ago, respondents have consistently reported technology and systems implementation as their top service delivery issues.

“Organisations have spent years building and enhancing their technology platforms; it’s always been the automatic reaction to keeping current with new versions, applying patches and the like,” said Thomas Keebler, leader of the global HR function effectiveness practice for Towers Perrin, which conducted the survey.

“What we’re seeing today is an evolution and maturation of the approach to technology. Today, organisations are putting the people dimension first and viewing their existing technology platforms as the foundation for – and the means of – better enabling their people agenda to deliver on business needs and goals.”

The survey, which took in 390 organisations from around the world, also found organisations are planning high growth in employee staffing and development of self-service applications.

The number of companies planning to use the web to deliver employee career planning and onboarding services in the next 18 months has risen to 60 per cent.

These findings confirm companies’growing commitment to using self-service technology for offerings beyond basic transactions and to help achieve critical human capital objectives, according to Towers Perrin.

Additionally, the survey pointed to double-digit growth in many manager self-service applications in talent management, with significant growth likely in succession planning and onboarding.

He said companies were now really stretching their systems to help them more effectively integrate across the HR domain in order to better reflect the world as seen by employees and managers.

“This is signalling a real sea change in and for HR; we’re seeing the HR function use service delivery tactics to help employees be more effective and efficient across the board, thereby improving the value both employees and HR bring to the business.”


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