Relaxation programs improve productivity

by HCA28 Oct 2013

It sounds counter-intuitive, but helping your employees relax could boost productivity and job satisfaction according to research from Thompson Rivers University.

The conclusion comes from the recent paper Can the relaxation programs really improve job satisfaction and lower health care costs by reducing stress-related symptoms? for A.T. Business Management Review.

Stress can affect employee productivity, job satisfaction and health care costs.

Researchers Dr. Hasnat Dewan and Len Hutt found that a four-week stress reduction program, which cost less than $600, could significantly reduce the physical and psychological symptoms of work-related stress, and, in some groups, it could also improve job satisfaction.

“A preventive measure (relaxation program) can not only improve the quality of life for some, but can also increase their productivity and decrease health care costs,” the researchers said. “If the findings of this study can be confirmed with other studies that would mean that stress reduction programs could effectively lower demand for certain types of health services, and therefore, reduce publicly or corporately borne medical expenses.”

Other studies have found that mindful meditation can help decrease stress and improve productivity, with corporate giants such as Google making mindfulness training a standard part of their executive development process.


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