Refreshing application letter shakes up Wall Street

by Stephanie Zillman17 Jan 2013

Not a day goes by when bored corporates don’t share an amusing or inflated cover letter or resume – now a simple, to-the-point email has made international headlines.

On Monday, one Wall Street banker received an email from a young applicant hoping to secure a summer internship – yet instead of flicking it straight through to HR or to the junk folder, the banker was struck by the applicants’ refreshing and honest approach. Sending it onto some mates, the email has since gone viral.

It has been reported that people on Wall Street are calling it one of the best cover letters they have ever seen. As the cover letter was sent around to bankers via email, it becomes clear that numerous recipients are touched by the young man’s honestly, and have intentions to hire him.

He acknowledged that it is highly unusual for undergraduates from “average universities” like the one he attends to get internships at such prestigious organisations – but hoped on this occasion they would make an exception.


  • by MP 17/01/2013 2:54:03 PM

    I'd hire him in a heart beat!

  • by mrd 17/01/2013 2:57:24 PM

    fantastic. honest, down to earth, direct and without all the bull crap. this person is definitely interested in making a career for themselves. such an approach should be nurtured.

  • by Diane Mason 17/01/2013 3:32:23 PM

    It is realistic, honest and yet his intentions are clear. He realises what starting at the bottom and working your way up means, rather than having an expectation to receive a high pay with little experience. Yes, when I receive cover letters like this, I would always have a conversation with the person to judge how genuine it is and then likely interview.

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