QLD public sector staff encouraged to 'dob' on colleagues

by Stephanie Zillman25 Feb 2013

Health workers in the Queensland public service are encouraged to ‘dob in’ managers and colleagues if they witness instances of wastefulness via a new online porthole launched today.

The portal will allow Department of Health employees to report instances of taxpayer money being misused – either on the record or anonymously – as part of the State Government’s crackdown on spending.

Health Minister Lawrence Springborg said the porthole comes as a result of the extraordinary amount of waste that happens across government. “We've already found hundreds of millions of dollars in savings by changing the way we do things. There's potential for hundreds of millions more. I think this portal will be a very useful tool for Queensland Health employees to report wastage practices but also to make suggestions about how things can be improved,” Springborg said.

Springborg added that workers could “rest assured” their concerns would be followed up but he was not interested in vendettas. The site should only be used for honest communication about work practices.

Would you consider implementing a similar reporting porthole in your organisation to curb wasteful spending?

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  • by QLDHR 25/02/2013 3:41:40 PM

    Waste of funds and resources in the QLD public sector....Never??? :/

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