One in four workers are depressed

by HCA14 Nov 2011

According to new research, one in four employees worldwide (23% of all respondents) identifies with five or more of the key factors in depression, as outlined by the World Health Organisation.

The 2011 Global Mindset Index was conducted by Dr. Clark Perry, a psychologist and director at rogenSi, and participants from North America, Europe, South America, Africa and the Asia-Pacific were surveyed.

According to the findings, just 12% of the global workforce expressed feeling generally optimistic, and only 14% of respondents said they felt inspired by their employer.

A concern highlighted by Dr Perry included the finding that 92% of respondents said their emotions were reliant on workplace results, rather than factors such as self-belief and intrinsic work ethic.

Alex Jakobson, managing director of rogenSi North America, said the finding was extremely disturbing, and it is essential leaders take a more proactive role in discussing the overall well-being of their employees, by offering moral support and professional development training and setting performance goals.

“According to our survey, today’s environmental stressors have created a negative mindset that has infiltrated our global workforce, causing worker morale to plummet and dangerously hampering productivity,” Jakobson added.



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