Lighter Side: Stuck for a last-minute Halloween costume?

by HCA31 Oct 2014

Office Halloween partys are gaining in popularity across the country, but what happens if you've forgotten to book yourself a costume?

One of the easiest on the list: don a windbreaker, grab a microphone and tape some leaves and litter to yourself. Don’t forget a messed up windswept hairdo!

7. A pair of dice

Throw on a box complete with black polka-dots.

8. Identity Thief

One for the lazier party-goers: cover yourself in nametags with your friends’ names written over them.

9. The Ginger-Bread Man

Calling all redheads: attach some bread to yourself complete with a sign or label (to clarify if your with evades your fellow party guests).

10. A Crayon

One of our favourites – paint your skin a colour of your choice, wear matching clothes and use coloured paper to wrap yourself up and make a pointed hat.
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