'It’s about how HR technology is applied, not just simply the acquisition of this technology'

by John Hilton15 Aug 2017
HR professionals often assume that HR technology is going to fix all their problems, according to Sarah Kruger, managing director at Accenture.

For instance, they assume that by moving to cloud this will resolve the issues of an outdated HR operating model and disconnected data sources, she told HRD.

“One of the most common mistakes is thinking that the latest technology will be a panacea to HR’s problems,” said Kruger.

“It’s about how this technology is applied, not simply the acquisition of this technology.”

Kruger will be a panellist at the upcoming HR Tech Summit in Sydney and will be talking on the topic of Predicting the future – Will we still be talking about business disruption in 10 years?

If Kruger could give one piece of advice to HR professionals relating to this topic, it would be that "in this space, nobody really has all the answers".

“Therefore, part of being innovative is about experimenting and learning. Importantly, it’s not just about changing technology – it’s about how you apply that technology,” she said.

“HR needs to embrace a liquid mentality and be open to learning new technology skills and tools.”

Kruger added that technology advancement is going to keep accelerating, and HR professionals need to be ready to adapt at all times.

"Events like the HR Tech Summit are crucial for raising awareness around the latest HR technologies and opening a discussion where the industry can voice their concerns and gain new insights," said Kruger.

“Workforce technology can often seem intimidating, and discussions and case studies can emphasise how technology is here to empower workforces, not replace them."

At the HR Tech Summit, Kruger and her fellow panellists will also discuss:

•    What technology should we be putting in place today to prepare for tomorrow?
•    How far ahead can we really plan in today’s economy?
•    What are the emerging technologies that will shape tomorrow’s workplaces?
•    The top five disruptive trends in HR technology (and where they might lead us)
•    How will the Internet of Things impact on HR in the future?

Sarah Kruger will be speaking on the topic of Predicting the future – Will we still be talking about business disruption in 10 years? at the HR Tech Summit being held at the Hilton Sydney on 13 September. Click here for more details and to register.

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