Inside Employsure’s award-winning R&R program

by HRD12 Sep 2017
Employsure has its Check-In every 90 days where the entire company takes the opportunity to reflect on accomplishments, challenges, and obstacles from the last quarter.

This process is the same for each employee as a transparent and fair method to promote people, and forms the foundation of Employsure’s recognition approach.

This is one of the many reasons Employsure won Best Reward and Recognition Program at the 2017 Australian HR Awards last Friday night.

Indeed, their programs cross a variety of different approaches including:

•    quarterly peer-based awards that saw over 75% of the employee population nominate a peer
•    team awards given by team leaders
•    Employee of the Year awards
•    announced recognition through their internal communication platform (Workplace by Facebook)

Employsure’s Head of Talent Michael Morris said their approach provides a fair and consistent way to measure and reward performance, as well as direct the development of their people.

“We also ask employees to recognise each other for overachievements,” he said.

“Our Ambassadors Club recognises those who have tenure and have made significant contribution to the growth, development and progression of Employsure.”

Morris added that the top spot in the HR Awards reinforces that people are at the heart of what Employsure stands for.

“The HR Awards are the most prestigious recognition for people practices within the industry – it illustrates what we do for more than 14,000 businesses across Australia, starts with us," he said.

“The Award distinguishes our approach to the way we grow and develop our people.”

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