Increase in demand for HR specialists

by 07 Oct 2010

Australia’s healthy labour market has seen an increase in demand for certain specialist HR professions including learning and development executive candidates and culture and leadership candidates. 

As confidence returns to the market, more generalist candidates are also successfully securing new positions, which in turn creates more opportunities and rising demand at the HR manager level, according to the latest Hays Quarterly Report.

Susan Drew, regional director of Hays Human Resources, said: “Australia’s job market is very healthy as businesses ramp up their hiring activity. Activity in many areas is now back to the levels we saw just prior to the global financial crisis hitting Australia.

“But increased demand has quickly exposed the underlying shortage of specialist skills. The cloud above job security may have gone, but we’re bracing for a storm for skills.”

An increase in M&A activity has created high demand for OHS specialists to harmonise existing policies and drive performance in a business. 

New OHS laws, which take effect in January 2012, are also driving demand for OHS experts to ensure compliance.


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