Human resources data must improve

by 11 Jun 2010

Australian businesses desire much better human resources data than they currently have access to, according to a study conducted by Quantum Market Research and Taleo.

The report shows there is a significant gap between the 'talent intelligence' required by organisations to steer their growth initiatives and the limited insight that they can currently access.

For example, 80 per cent of the 100 senior managers surveys want data on succession bench strength but only 29 per cent have access to reliable data on it.

Nearly all (98 per cent) said data on risk of loss of critical employees/positions has importance but only 37 per cent of respondents have access to data that is reliable.

Furthermore, the vast majority (88 per cent) wanted data on top performers by division but only 26 per cent knew whether those top performers were on a career path.

Michael Gregoire, chairman and CEO of Taleo, said: "Businesses typically burn tremendous calories in their efforts to hire employees - but they can't afford to let their talent management efforts stop there. Talent Intelligence empowers organisations to better understand what their people have accomplished, are accomplishing and could accomplish. This insight is key to engaging people in their work and building for growth."

For the full story on this report see the next issue of HR Leader magazine (Issue 202)


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