HR recruitment: why you should be using LinkedIn

by Juliette Willow13 May 2014
LinkedIn is becoming an increasingly important recruiting tool, if usage statistics are anything to go by. At the beginning of the month, the company announced year-on-year revenue growth of 46% for the first quarter. This year, it hit 300 million members, and has projected that half of all traffic will come from mobile by the end of 2014.

What LinkedIn itself doesn’t release, however, are usage statistics. That’s why consultant Wayne Breitbarth has been surveying LinkedIn users for the past couple of years, to find out more about how it can actually be used to employers’ advantage.

This year, the key factor for recruiters to note is that potential employees are now less likely to have dormant profiles - people are spending far more time on the platform than last year. The proportion of LinkedIn users on the site more than two hours a week rose 10% in 12 months, and those spending seven or more hours a week on it rose from 11% to 18%.

The 2014 LinkedIn usage statistics

Almost everybody (96.1%) has joined at least one LinkedIn group, with most (56.7%) in fewer than 20

More than half (56.8%) spend more than two hours a week on the platform

The ‘who’s viewed your profile’ feature is the most popular, followed by ‘people you may know’, direct messaging, and researching companies.

Three in four use it to research people and companies

41% use it to discover potential job opportunities

Key HR Takeaway

Knowing that so many people are using LinkedIn to research both companies and hiring managers is important on a couple of levels. Firstly, keep your company page up to date and appealing. And secondly, ensure anybody identifiable in job opening advertisements has a clean LinkedIn profile.

Have you used LinkedIn for recruitment? How useful do you think it is?


  • by Kenny 15/05/2014 5:25:55 PM

    LinkedIn is very much a double edged sword and raises many questions.

    For starters, how many of the 56% of users who spend 2 hours per week on LinkedIn do so at work?

    Given it's perceived as a business networking tool, probably quite a high proportion, and 18% of people spend 7 hours a week on the site!

    That's probably okay of they're recruiters, but otherwise that's a huge hit on productivity.

    It can be definitely be useful when you're hiring. It's a great tool for finding people, but on the other hand it makes all your staff very accessible to head hunters, even lousy head hunters.

    However, it's not necessarily a reliable source of information, just like CVs aren't.

    It's definitely not a substitute for reference checking, and all those reciprocal endorsements people have are pretty much worthless. I know I've been endorsed for skills I have never even claimed to have!

    If you use LinkedIn for work, in work time, who owns your profile? (a court case in the UK created some precedence around this - the court decided the employer owned the employee's LinkedIn profile!).

    Oh, and who is the author of this article - the elusive Juliette Willow?

    Can't find you on LinkedIn ;-)

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