HR must act to protect against workplace pornography

by 20 May 2010

HR must do more to protect its organisation against the threat of inappropriate images in the workplace, according to web security provider Mailguard.

In a Whitepaper –‘5 Reasons HR Professionals are adopting SaaS Email Image Monitoring’ – Mailgaurd explores how HR professionals can protect their organisation and its members from the legal and compliance risk of workplace pornography.

With email now comprising around 75 per cent of business communications, and staff personal use of internet generally well accepted, the sending, receiving and forwarding of emails and attachments has created a number of significant challenges for HR management. The Whitepaper says that while most businesses have an Acceptable Usage Policy (AUP) in place to educate staff is deemed appropriate usage of company email, having the management in place capable of monitoring compliance with the AUP, is less common. Such only allows compliance monitoring, but the management information delivered used to help educate and reinforce staff on what is and is not acceptable.

The five benefits of email image monitoring are listed as follows:

- Mitigate legal risk exposure

- Monitor AUP compliance

- Reduce burden on network infrastructure

- Protect your brand

- Educate your staff


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