Grad recruiting service launched

by 10 Nov 2010

A new graduate recruiting service has been launched to help improve candidate’s experience when applying for jobs at Australian employers.

Global psychometric testing firm, SHL, has partnered with Lode, an Australian university talent site, to develop the service.

National director of SHL Australia and New Zealand, Stephanie Christopher, said enhancing the candidate experience is high on the list of concerns for Australian businesses.

“The number of psychometric assessments graduates need to complete during graduate season can be up to five or six depending on how many organisations they apply to – all needing to be completed at the same time,” said Christopher.

“‘Pre-testing’ candidates streamlines the recruitment process and minimises the in-house administration involved in testing and short-listing thousands of applicants.

“Graduate recruiting coincides with final exams, and candidates are often tired, stressed and anxious. The beauty of Lode is that it allows graduates to test in their own time, alleviating some of that pressure.

“As we continue to develop the service with Lode, employers will be able to search for graduates by ‘Verify Ability’ test results, bundled with other Lode profile data, so employers and graduates have a better chance of finding their perfect match during the short and intensive recruitment period.”


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