Gen Y: Changing the Aussie workplace

by 09 Sep 2010

Generation Y’s use of new technology is changing the way Australian employees work.

A new survey from Premiere Global (PGi) has revealed that two thirds of Aussie workers (69 per cent) point to the fact that Gen Y is at the heart of this change, with the introduction of more online business tools such as video and web conferencing, instant messaging and social networking. The international survey asked 1,000 full-time office workers in Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong about the current state of their workplace - such as who is driving the change, and what changes are taking place both now and in the future.

Joanne Rigby, Asia-Pacific marketing director at PGi, said: “It’s positive to see that Aussie businesses have largely embraced the use of online tools such as Facebook and instant messaging in their workplace, something that only a few years ago may have been a taboo subject. It’s clear that Gen Y is helping to drive this adoption, and organisations are not only listening to the younger generation, but recognise the opportunities and benefits these tools can offer.”

When asked about the types of tools Gen Y has helped to introduce into the workplace, instant messaging (such as MSN and Yahoo!) topped the list for most Australians, with 59 per cent saying that it was now being used as a business tool.

Almost half (49 per cent) said Gen Ys had helped to introduce video and web conferencing, whilst 43 percent said that it was acceptable for social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to be used at work too. “As an increasing number of Gen Ys and indeed Gen Zs enter the workforce, it will certainly be interesting to see how we measure up in the next few years,” Rigby said.


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