Even the lottery won’t make some workers quit

by HCA16 Jan 2014
If you won the lottery, would you quit your job? That’s the question that was asked of more than a thousand Americans. Perhaps surprisingly, many people would not leave. The results are a testament to the value of investing in employee engagement.
Interestingly, the numbers of those who would look for a different job if they won the lottery are not too far from those who want to leave their jobs in reality.
In a fall 2013 study of employee engagement, Modern Survey found that 47% of disengaged workers are looking to leave their jobs. Moreover, 19% of “under engaged” or “moderately engaged” workers, and 15% of “fully engaged” workers, were looking to leave.

In Australia, lottoresults.com offers advice on how to handle a large win and employment:

"Would you really quit your job if you won the lottery? Well, then again, why wouldn't you?! Some people quit their jobs on the spot and never return, others vow that they will never give up work and continue to work in their 9-5 job, just because they love it! Or perhaps another option is to use the money to allow yourself to re-train and get yourself that dream job."
UK lottery winner, 67-year-old Ron Elliot, vowed to keep his job despite winning close to £8m, The Mirror reported. The care home assistant stated the residents of the home he works at need him, and so has continued to go into work as usual.


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