Employers to benefit from youth training package

by Victoria Bruce19 May 2016
The Federal government’s new youth training initiative will see employers reaping the benefits of a skilled and work-ready young workforce, says a global staffing group.

Richard Fischer, Managing Director for ManpowerGroup Australia & New Zealand told HC Online the Youth Jobs PaTH Program was a step in the right direction.

“Developing a greater ‘work ready’ cohort of young Australians and ultimately a more productive workforce is a win for the nation’s future,” Fischer says.

He says ManpowerGroup welcomed the government’s youth training initiative, which includes skills training, paid voluntary internships and wage subsidies for businesses.

“We commend the government on developing a program that aims to address the critical issue of youth unemployment from both sides; employers and candidates,” he says.

Fischer says while the new training initiative is a step in the right direction for addressing youth unemployment, more needs to be done to ensure Australia’s youth have the opportunity to become a productive part of the workforce.

“ManpowerGroup have long supported increasing work readiness of younger employees, and while we recognise the PaTH Program is a great start, we also realise that more needs to be done – not just in terms of government spending but also by driving initiatives from within the private sector – the educators, those in vocational education,” Fischer says.

“As a nation, we need to commit to investing more in our future and specifically in young Australians, to ensure we can continue to grow and prosper,” he says.

He says many employers will welcome the program as it offers businesses a chance to engage with young candidates.

“It gives them incentives and support to bring in fresh recruits and help train and educate them around the practical skills that can be used in the workplace,” he says.

However, he says employers must remember their responsibility to induct, train and show their candidates how their business works, in order to make the experience beneficial for both parties.

“Employers looking to take advantage of this initiative need to be aware there is a level of time and effort they will need to commit to in order to get the best outcomes for all involved,” Fischer says.

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