Employers failing to measure staff competency

by 01 Jul 2010

Employers are still failing to implement good competency measurement systems despite realising the value of the practice.

A survey by talent management solutions provider PageUp People has found that only 30 per cent of employers have implemented a competency framework across their entire business, with 25 per cent noting that they are using different competencies across different talent management functions.

Karen Cariss, PageUp People global CEO, said the business value of having a common currency in talent management and predicts this result will change.

“With more companies realising the business value of having one overarching competency framework underpin their talent management functions, I expect that this result will shift over the coming years.

“Companies that do not have a common measure have no way to gain true visibility across their talent and ultimately risk getting reduced value in their investment in talent management.“

The survey also found that 40 per cent of respondents noted that their company’s talent management metrics and reporting were ‘average’.


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