Employer of Choice: Only 2 days to go!

by HCA30 Mar 2016
This Friday is the final day to enter the HRD Employer of Choice survey – where we ask employees across Australia to rate their company in key areas such as company culture, employee wellbeing, career progression, training opportunities plus more.
Complete the survey now
For HR professionals who think their company might have a shot at making the shortlist, make sure you encourage your staff and colleagues to complete the survey too – one vote is not enough!
Why enter? Being named an Employer of Choice is a great way to showcase the success of your HR initiatives on a national stage. The top-performing companies will be published in the May issue of HRD magazine and online, plus receive a range of award collateral. The Employer of Choice accolade is a valuable marketing tool and previous winners have used it in their employer branding, recruitment campaigns and internal communication efforts.

You’ve got two more days to spread the word and get your company shortlisted as a 2016 Employer of Choice.


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