Development and retention top priorities

by 22 Jan 2008

FORTY-FOUR PER CENT of employers have said that staff development and retention is their top priority for 2008, a national study has found.

The current skills crisis continues to put pressure on employers and as a result retaining and developing staff remains a top priority for employers, according to Gary Lazzarotto, managing director of Hudson Australia & New Zealand, which conducted the study of 7,000 employers.

“The employment market is expected to tighten further during the coming 12 months. Smart employers are ensuring that they are managing their talent effectively so their staffing needs continue to be met and business goals achieved over the long term,” he said.

“The cost of losing good employees far outweighs the cost of implementing simple and effective talent management initiatives. Ultimately, it’s about offering an attractive employment proposition that attracts high quality talent while keeping existing employees satisfied, challenged and motivated.”

The survey showed 29 per cent of Australian employers highlighted attracting suitable staff as their highest priority for 2008, an increase of almost 15 percentage points when compared to 2004.

The increased focus on attracting, developing and retaining staff has resulted in a corresponding decrease in focus on enhancing productivity and performance.

Enhancing productivity and performance recorded the largest decrease of any priority for employers, down to just 14 per cent in 2008 from 30 per cent in 2004.

Developing leadership capabilities (8 per cent) and managing industrial relations issues (1 per cent) also rated as low priorities for employers in 2008.


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