Curb goodwill waste with CSR matchmaking

by 19 Nov 2013

Based on software from dating platforms, Together Let’s is a new social media network developed to help match charities, organisations and individuals with causes they are passionate about, providing employers with reporting data and employee engagement capabilities.

“Between the business community and its employees there is this mass of good will waste. There is a very strong desire to help, and there are resources that can be leveraged,” Martin Ryan, founder of Together Let’s, told HC. “But quite often it is very challenging for the business and employees to understand where they can be best matched to have the most impact.”

The company spent nearly 18 months on research to understand where companies gave and why they gave. They concluded there are far greater opportunities for more positive outcomes if people are matched to where they have the most passion.

Together Let’s works by matching these causes with organisations and employees. Users of the site can detail the causes they believe in, what they are motivated by, and the ways in which they want to give. They are then matched with causes or charities that leverage these elements.

Organisations can also use the system to demonstrate what charities they are currently involved with and interact with them more effectively. The social connectivity of the site can also help the organisation’s brand.

“If you put it into simple terms, imagine that you’ve got the ability as a business or an employee to say ‘this is where and how I would like to give to the world’. We match them with charities or causes where there is an alignment. The idea is we give the ability for organisations to fully engage their people with things they have a passion for,” Ryan added.

With support from employees and business leaders from Yahoo, Amnesty International, Rampage Creative, Thoughtworks and many other organisations, Together Let’s is pushing forward. The organisation is set to launch a crowdfunding initiative through Indiegogo on 20 November, with an aim to raise $100,000 to launch the software.


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  • by Jenny Lincoln 20/11/2013 5:11:11 PM

    Hi Cameron ... I'm Martyn Ryans biz partner & cofounder of Together Let's. Just wanted to say thankyou for the article ...we appreciate your interest & support.

    Wanted to check & see if its possible to get the url for the campaign
    in the comments section or our website
    or both.

    Always worth an ask ... thanks a mil ... jen

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