Cringe-worthy job applications

by Human Capital21 Mar 2014
With a little time and effort most eager job hunters can produce a decent CV to help them get at least their foot in the door. For others, however that might be a step too far. Judging by these applications, featured in a recent compilation by Thought Catalog, they might need to go back to the drawing board.

A need for quality references
Applicants were asked to please provide at least two different personal references that are not your immediate family.
Contact 1: Miss June Juiceberg. Relationship: Mother
Contact 2: Mark Markster. Relationship: Mah boo

Strong strengths and skills
Under ‘strengths,’ a woman mentioned “God fearing” and under technical skills, “windows".

Boosting the resume with college experience
As a favour for a barmaid, a man delivered her resume to the ‘right people’ in his company. One of the bullet points under her experience section was that she had worked on a group paper in college with “both a table of contents AND an index.”

A boy’s best friend is his mother
This was on a written application:
“Why do you want to work here?”
“My mom says I need a job”
“Do you have your own transportation?”
In different handwriting: “I will drive him.”
Most of the application was filled out in the mother’s handwriting, she picked up and dropped off the application, and she called several times wondering why her son did not get an interview.

A proofreader needed
While taking resumes for a replacement, one applicant wrote, “I got laid in March,” instead of “I got laid off in March.” Her cover letter was framed and hung up in the office.

Tolerant, but apparently not knowledgeable
Last year when hiring a customer service rep: “Work well with ethnics and people of a different race.”

Looks matter, right?
One man wrote that he was voted “campus cutey” by the girls at his university, and attached a link.

What resume or interview left you laughing or agape in disbelief? 


  • by Vera P 24/03/2014 11:56:35 AM

    Best one was a one-liner. "I think I could do it". And that was all.

  • by Sally Spencer 25/03/2014 2:46:52 PM

    Best one for me. I was recruiting for a Medical Rep, and one of the candidates put as his reason for applying, he'd recently seen the movie "Love & Other Drugs" and thought this would be a fun job............OMG!!

  • by T.Q 7/04/2014 11:20:16 AM


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