Controversial exec leaves AOC

by John Hilton15 Sep 2017
Mike Tancred, the media director of the Australian Olympic Committee, will leave organisation after serving there for 18 years.

In April, Tancred was stood down from all AOC duties until bullying allegations against him were resolved.

Tancred was accused of bullying and intimidation by the former chief executive Fiona de Jong and other members of staff.

However, the independent committee found the accusations were inflated during Danni Roche's unsuccessful run against John Coates for the AOC presidency.

"We have no doubt that some of the matters have been given emphasis, sometimes undue or excessive emphasis, by reason of and during the course of an election for the office of president of the AOC involving a challenge to the current president who has been in that role for many years," said the report.

"The election attracted a great deal of publicity. Each of Mr Coates and his challenger had his and her supporters, including prominent columnists and commentators in the print and electronic media.

"It seems to us that in some respects Mr Tancred was a casualty of the crossfire between the respective camps.”

However, the panel of retired judges commissioned by the AOC did find that Tancred engaged in disreputable conduct when he threatened de Jong.

The AOC CEO Matt Carroll said Tancred’s departure was part of a restructure.

"Since I started, I have been evaluating the organisational structure of the AOC to ensure it is fit for purpose, particularly given the increase in the number of Games we will be sending Australian teams to and the adoption of new objectives for the AOC, particularly in promoting sport in the community,” said Carroll.

“In light of the broadening of our operations and responsibilities and taking into account the recommendations of The Ethics Centre Review of AOC culture, I have created two new positions...

“As a consequence of this organisational restructure, AOC Director of Media and Communications, Mr Mike Tancred will leave the AOC on 13 September 2017."

Tancred released a statement on Thursday saying: "I did what any loyal employee or executive should do. I supported the head of the organisation. I have no regrets about doing that.”

"The independent committee has said I was caught in the crossfire. My reaction to that is that I agree I was collateral damage".

Tancred was on a salary of $330,000 and was a key ally of Coates, who has been in the chair for 27 years.

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