Catching up with a Rising Star

by 24 Jun 2013

The Australian HR Awards aren’t just for leaders with years of experience and stellar careers behind them. The Rising Star of the Year Award recognises the practitioner who has achieved impressive results with less than five years experience. We speak to last year’s winner, Jessie Hommelhoff of BHP Billiton.

How did it feel to win Rising Star of the Year?

It was such an honour and was very unexpected. It felt a little unusual for winning an award just for doing my job, but I’m really honoured to have been recognised.

What do you think sets you apart from your peers?
Tough question! I think last year was a very big year for our company in particular and probably what sets us apart is just having an amazing team that gels so well together. We’re very much aligned to the direction in which we’re heading and can bounce ideas off of each other and walk towards a common goal. I’m very lucky to have a very supportive bunch of direct reports and peers as well.

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Did you enjoy attending the Australian HR Awards?
Yes it was a really good night. Amazing to get in a room with a group of people who are so passionate about the industry, everyone was dressed up, the food was really amazing – it was just a really nice night.

Online nominations for the 2013 Australian HR Awards are now open. Visit for more information and to submit your entries.


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