Aussie workers lacking engagement, global study shows

by 24 Aug 2010

Australian employees are more likely to change employers within the next 12 months than staff in 16 other countries across the world.

According to research conducted by employee engagement consultants Infogroup, Australia is placed seventh globally in terms of employee engagement, narrowly behind the United States and Germany.

For the question ‘I intend to be working for my organisation in 12 months time’, Australia scored 8 percentage points below the global norm.

This score was additionally 16 percentage points below Germany, 14 percentage points below Russia, and 10 percentage points below Switzerland.

Wendy McInnes, Infogroup’s director of employee research for Asia Pacific, said: “The story the data is telling is not surprising. Time and again we hear staff leave their managers, rather than their organisation. “Infogroup Perspectives has identified that Australian employees want to deliver value for their employers. However if managers can’t nurture, develop and recognise their employees talent, they will look elsewhere; no matter what positive feeling they have towards the organisation.”

The research captured the views of 9,300 employees across the globe.

Over a third of the Australian employees surveyed were neutral when asked whether their line manager inspired them to work more effectively. Additionally, a quarter of Australian respondents actively disagreed with the statement ‘I receive regular and constructive feedback on my performance’.

These feelings are further reinforced with a third (33 per cent) of Australian survey respondents being neutral, and nearly a quarter (23 per cent) being negative, towards the statement ‘I am satisfied with the opportunities I have to get a better job in this organisation’.


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