Aussie workers email from their beds

by 03 Aug 2010

Australian workers love emailing so much they send them from the comfort of their own bed.

According to research by Unisys Consumerisation, more than half send messages from bed with one in four sending work emails, such is our reliance on the form of communication.

The Australian part of the worldwide study, which included 2,820 people from 10 countries, quizzed 302 respondents.

It found that 51 per cent sent job-related messages while on holiday, and 21 per cent emailed from restaurants.

A worrying 13 per cent did so while driving a car, while four per cent of respondents said they dealt with emails while in a place of worship.

Unisys Australia vice-president Lee Ward said findings show that boundaries between work and personal lives are disappearing.

"We were surprised - and a little saddened - by where people send emails," she said.

"We expected personal organisers being used under the desk at work, but not from bed and places of worship. Also, lots of people send messages while driving. We're not sure if they wait for a red light or are typing while they're moving, but it's a concern."


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