At 11am on Monday, US employees are probably hunting for a job

by HRM25 Mar 2013

Here’s something to add on to the Monday Blues – US employees are no longer being discreet about their job hunts, hunting even while on the job, according to new data.

Employees are also being crafty in the searches, with some serious tricks up their sleeve. According to data from Simplyhired and Indeed, searches on office computers peak at about 11am on Mondays. For employees who prefer mobile devices, Tuesdays from 8.30pm to 10pm is when job hunting activity peaks. Yet, as the week progresses, after Friday, not many employees use their weekends for job hunting, The Huffington Post reported.

What's more, employees are getting bolder. About 75% of employees admit to looking at job sites often or at least sometimes while at work, a survey by Right Management found.

Such boldness on the employee’s part may shock managers, but perhaps it's not surprising since the same survey found nearly two-thirds of US based workers are unhappy at work. This unhappiness has a high price to pay: distractions at work cost businesses an average of US$10,375 per employee per year, according to PayScale.

Have you noticed any of these tell-tale behaviours of job-hunting employees?

  • Newly updated LinkedIn profiles
  • Being dressed more immaculately than before
  • Skipping co-workers’ gatherings, and;
  • A sudden rise in sick leave


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