Another day, another IR spat: Who’s poisoning the waterhole?

by Stephanie Zillman21 Feb 2013

Just yesterday HC reported on the IR dispute escalating within Victoria Legal Aid – today Metro bus drivers in Tasmania walked off the job between 10am and 2pm.

Metro drivers walked off the job after voting to reject the 2% pay increase offer made by management yesterday – as a result buses were off the streets between 10am and 2pm while drivers held a stop-work meeting at the Glenorchy bus terminal.

At this stage the Metro CEO Heather Haselgrove has said the company is prepared to increase its pay offer. “Metro believes its offer is fair and reasonable,” she said.

Bus drivers are calling for a 3% pay rise and changes to their hours which would see them work no more than five continuous hours in the proposed enterprise bargaining agreement (EBT).

Union representative Samantha Simonetis said the drivers would use the stop-work meeting to discuss further industrial action over the pay offer, and said more industrial action could take effect as early as next week if an agreement cannot be reached.

What role can HR play in stopping IR issues from escalating to a strike? Have your say below.


  • by Robbie 21/02/2013 3:51:29 PM

    I wouldn't be happy with 2% either...

  • by serious? 21/02/2013 4:01:32 PM

    god forbid they would work 5 hours straight. Simple solution is not let HR negotiate agreements. Engage a IR professional with proven on the ground experience.

  • by Harley 21/02/2013 4:46:10 PM

    It reads no more than 5 hours. Would you want to be driven around by someone who has been doing an 8 hour shift? Four days in a row? Normally workers fight against short shifts because of the implications for shift penalties (standard workplaces a shift starting after 10 would need to be at least 8 hours to get a penalty). So, if they are being paid for working 5 hours, whats wrong with that?

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