ABC to cut 20% of management positions

by John Hilton07 Mar 2017
The ABC has announced a major restructure, cutting management positions by an average of 20% across the organisation.

It involves cutting up to 200 jobs by June this year to create a $50 million Content Fund and new positions in regional areas.

The money from the Content Fund, building to $15 million per year, will be used to pay for up to 80 new positions in regional areas, within 18 months.

The aim is to increase the ABC's digital and video output from rural and regional Australia.

ABC managing director Michelle Guthrie said the “tough decisions” would hurt the people affected, but will be beneficial in the long term.

"Transformational change over the next year is essential if the ABC is to realise its full potential. Change that strengthens the organisation, empowers our people and delivers long-term results for audiences,” she said.

"These changes are essential to the long-term health of the corporation, but I acknowledge that this is little comfort to those whose roles are impacted.

"We will work with unions and with affected staff. We will be open and move as quickly as possible to end the uncertainty in affected areas."

Guthrie added the organisation lacks the flexibility to quickly adjust to the fast-changing audience trends.

“Our reach on television and radio is declining and digital is struggling to bridge the divide,” she said.

“We have significant audience gaps: socially, culturally and geographically. This means we’re falling short of properly and effectively representing, in our employees, content and audience impact, the modern Australia in which we live.”



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