9 in 10 workers willing to take orders from robots

by Rachel Ranosa24 Aug 2018

There’s a gap in the way people are adopting AI at home and at work, a study on robots in the workplace showed.

Seventy percent of people rely on some form of intelligent software in their personal life. However, only six per cent of HR professionals are proactively implementing AI in the workplace, while only about a quarter of the workforce is adopting it, according to Oracle and Future Workplace.

The study uncovered how today’s workers are willing to embrace AI in the professional space. In fact, 93% claim they are open to taking orders from a robotic boss.

Ready for the future?
HR leaders and employees are optimistic about the positive impact of intelligent software, from improving operational efficiency and decision making to innovating learning and development initiatives. But the findings also pointed to organizations’ struggle to bring their workforce up to speed on AI adoption.

Not only are HR leaders worried about their own ability to keep up with the technological shift – they also feel they are ill-equipped to address the looming digital skills gap in their company.

Employees are echoing the same concern. While the majority believes AI skills and knowledge are vital to professional success in the next three years, more than half claim they will be unable to keep up. Moreover, most organizations (72%) currently lack any form of AI training, the report said.

“Despite all the talk about people being worried about AI entering the workplace, the study found the opposite to be true with HR leaders (79%) and employees (60%),” said the researchers.

The survey respondents believe a “failure to adopt AI will have negative consequences on their own careers, colleagues, and overall organization,” the report said.


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