$60K for US employee suspended for sexual harassment complaint

by Chloe Taylor25 Nov 2014
A US jury has awarded a Brooklyn dock worker US$60,000 in damages after he was banished from the pier on which he worked. Michael Sabella’s former employer, American Stevedore, banned him from the Red Hook pier for complaining that his male supervisor had groped him.

Sabella also accused Louis Pernice, the president of the Longshoremen’s Association, of failing to protect his rights, of which he was cleared by the jury. They failed to conclude whether Sabella was subjected to a hostile work environment as a consequence of the alleged groping.

“I am very happy that the jury found in my favour against ASI. However, I am surprised that although they heard that the union sabotaged my grievance, they let them off the hook," Sabella said.


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