Revealed: The hottest perks for attracting top talent

by HRD09 Oct 2017
Is your company trying to work out the best way to attract talent?

A new survey suggests you should consider flexible work practices (83%), health and life insurance (78%), a pension scheme (78%), and business travel (77%), which employees ranked as the most important benefits when they’re considering looking for a new job.

Those perks outranked the more traditional options such as a company car allowance (75%) and a share scheme (72%).

In particular, the appeal of business travel is attributed to the opportunity it provides to improve their career prospects, according to the survey of 257 regular Australian business executives.

Indeed, 48% of executives said travel has helped them progress professionally. An additional 42% believed it helped grow their business network and 41% said it increased important face-to-face time with colleagues, customers and prospects.

Becky Cook, vice president, American Express Global Commercial Payments said that not only is business travel something that executives enjoy, but it’s increasingly becoming a significant part of business growth.

“Companies shouldn’t underestimate the power of meeting face-to-face and the relationships that can be fostered over a handshake instead of a phone call,” said Cook.

“If the opportunity allows and they have annual leave available, business executives should also consider extending their trip by a day or two and taking some personal time to sightsee and unwind.”

The research also highlighted the importance of maintaining health and wellbeing while travelling. Australian professionals admitted there were factors detrimental to their wellbeing when travelling which included:

• Not getting enough sleep (42%);
• Fatigue as a result of being busy or extended working days (38%);
• Eating too much/differently (30%);
• Drinking more coffee than usual (30%. A result that was higher than any other market surveyed);
• Not exercising as much (26%); and,
• Stress (26%).

To overcome the demands of work travel and to boost their wellbeing, many respondents said they build relaxation time into their trips. This included:

• Sightseeing or participating in local experiences during their free time (35%)
• Using the hotel gym (30%)
• Using the hotel spa or a nearby relaxation facility to unwind (29%)

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