Inside this tech company’s innovative R&R program

by John Hilton05 Dec 2017
Fostering an innovative environment where employees feel heard, supported and inspired to reach their full potential is a top priority for TechnologyOne, according to Jane Coe, Group Director, people & culture at TechnologyOne.

For instance, the life@techone program and the benefits and initiatives within it include concierge service, recognition programs, foundation, a health and wellbeing program and financial incentives.

“We encourage a high performance culture by offering loyalty initiatives such as ClubOne, which sends our top performing sales people and their partners on an all-expenses-paid holiday to an exotic location each year,” said Coe.

“We call out ‘CCE stars’ - publicly recognising team members who have gone above and beyond their normal roles to deliver a compelling customer experience, whether internally or externally.”

In 2017, the company introduced the TechnologyOne MARVEL awards as a way to celebrate high performing team members.

Coe said the MARVELs showcase “ordinary people, doing extraordinary things”.

MARVEL stands for Merit, Achievement, Recognition, Values, Excellence and Leadership, and categories for the awards are centred around their key initiatives.

These include: Leader of the Year, Compelling Customer Experience of the Year, Hack of the Year, Rookie of the Year and TechnologyOne Superheroes.

Moreover, winners of the MARVELs receive company-wide recognition, and are inducted into TechnologyOne’s League of Extraordinary People.

Another initiative TechnologyOne take pride in is their Community Sports program.

“We support our people in sporting events to encourage health, well-being and charitable fundraising,” said Coe.

“It has been one of the biggest years for our TechnologyOne athletes, with 265 people competing in 12 different sports across 19 events.

“Our people competed in events such as the Queensland Corporate Games, MS Moonlight Walk, City 2 Surf, Round the Bays, Oxfam Trailwalker and Melbourne Marathon.” 

Coe added that it’s important for TechnologyOne that their people feel supported and part of a team, right from day one.

For this reason, they run a Buddy Program, where each new starter is assigned a Buddy who is a culture champion.

They show the new team member around, help them out with any questions they have, and introduce and involve them with their team.

“In general - the Buddy is the friendly face and go-to person for the new team member when they first start,” said Coe.

“The system is mutually beneficial: our buddies get to meet new people, broaden their network, develop their professional skills and are rewarded at our annual Buddy Recognition Celebration.”

Other initiatives TechnologyOne offer include ad-hoc incentive bonuses, commissions, training and development opportunities and research tours, all of which aim to reward their people for their hard work and offer opportunity for advancement.

“We’re proud to offer such an extensive range of people & culture initiatives and activities for our people,” said Coe.

“We understand that our people are the backbone of TechnologyOne and the investment into fostering a positive, innovative and supportive environment is a worthy one.”

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