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Jobs on the chopping block: Workers worry about vanishing roles

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HC Online | 28 Jul 2014, 11:23 AM Agree 0
Research shows that a quarter of Australian workers expect their jobs to disappear because of technological advancements. Will roles simply vanish in the future?
  • Evan Nunn | 10 Aug 2014, 04:11 PM Agree 0
    Jobs in Australia in administration in particular are being off shored at a rapid rate due to process and systems improvements and the cloud computing environment. This is a fact.
    The government and the professions do not know exactly what is happening and I don't think they have the capability to forecast the outcomes . I contend there is limit to the need for high levels of skilled migration to Australia in administration and support roles as the equation for demand has changed. The main reason for increasing labour supply for skilled and experienced workers in admin or even IT , to physically come to Australia , will be based on putting downward pressure on the labour price for people who need to be here to quality control and schedule work. It won't be due to a supply shortfall now or in the immediate future especially for the basic grind work. Australian business urgently need to look for their recruits and train them from the youth and aged unemployment ranks . If they do, they will save us from the extreme societal pain due to our lack of ability to adjust to global economic reform. Recall the early 1990's when youth crime and youth suicide spiked ?
    The knowledge needed to perform many admin roles is codified and can be imparted and managed on the internet. Eg See the operations of , business model and the growth of freelancers. In the last 10 to 15 years we have trained a lot of very switched on people through Australian uni's and TAFE colleges exporting knowledge in exchange for uni fee income and TAFE fee incomes. Those who have returned to their country's of birth will often be in a position to provide support services back to Australia, effectively and efficiently.
    The difficulty in implementing change and helping people adjust and learn to work with these services is still here with us on the ground in Australia ,so on a positive note for HR people and managers and consultants, those who are good at change management play a valuable role in helping structural reform and change sustain the Australian business models. It is complex and requires a deft hand to integrate remote support services with other internal business processes and sustain customer value chain and relationships at the high standards expected by Australians.
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