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How to handle being a young HR manager in an older office

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HC Online | 10 Feb 2015, 07:49 AM Agree 0
Age discrimination works both ways – but how do you overcome unfair prejudices aimed at you when you’re the boss?
  • Judy Higgins | 10 Feb 2015, 01:47 PM Agree 0
    Older workers largely couldn't care less how old their supervisor/manager is. It's about being treated fairly and with respect as you would any employee any age.
  • Catherine Cahill | 10 Feb 2015, 02:05 PM Agree 0
    I would have thought Age Discrimination was covered in People Management 101
  • Jocelyn | 10 Feb 2015, 02:35 PM Agree 0
    On the other side, it might be worth reading some articles such as HBR's 'The Young and the Clueless'. Perhaps we have created a rod for our own backs by promoting people to leadership roles before they have developed the emotional maturity for them. Of course age is no guarantee of maturity but it does warrent some consideration.
  • HR Dude | 16 Feb 2015, 11:30 AM Agree 0
    @Judy: That's one broad brush you've got there. I can't say my experiences are the same. Sometimes its the collaborative hat, sometimes the influence one in order to get my point across.

    @Jocelyn: Because only people with good manger skills are ever promoted? Like all promotions it’s about mentoring the new manager as they learn.

    I still get judged because there is a 20 year age gap between me and many of the managers I deal with. It just one issue you have to deal with in HR, not as big as entrenched work practices or intransient staff, but still there.
  • Judy Higgins | 16 Feb 2015, 12:23 PM Agree 0
    @HR Dude Offer an older worker a job with a younger supervisor who treats them fairly and with respect and see how many turn it down. My guess would be none. Several reasons, the main one that jobs for older workers are so difficult to get, no chance of being job snobs.
  • HR Dude | 16 Feb 2015, 01:50 PM Agree 0
    I hope so! In my experience offer someone a manager who treats them fairly and with respect and once they get over the shock they'll jump at it!
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