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Honour amongst leaders

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HC Online | 29 Sep 2010, 12:00 AM Agree 0
What is an honourable business person? What is authenticity and how do we honour our staff, customers and clients through our behaviours and actions? How do we respond when we 'screw up' or miss something? Ricky Nowak explores honour in leadership
  • Bernie Althofer | 30 Sep 2010, 01:20 PM Agree 0
    Very valid points raised in this article. Whilst codes of conduct talk of respect, dignity and courtesy and words of similar meaning, honour can have different meanings. For example when we talk of ''a badge of honour'', what is that we really mean? Do we mean that by undertaking a particular task (usually high risk), the completion thereof can be worn as a badge of honour? Or do we really mean that the everyday consistent application of all those behaviours that lead us to judge another as honourable? Consistent application and ethical practices that include communication, transparency, involvement, openess and transparency, support for workers, kindness, and a balance with the tough conversations, coupled with an unwavering adherence to a set of values or beliefs without backstabbing, double dealing or betrayals all contribute to a notion of honour. Meaning what you say and saying what you mean without double speak can lead others to believe that your actions are done with honourable intentions, even though at times, you may need to admit an error. If you can admit the error without blaming others, that too might be considered honourable. Then again, it is easy to blame someone else.
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