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Half your staff don’t know HR policies

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HC Online | 09 Aug 2012, 12:00 AM Agree 0
Despite onboarding initiatives and continuous communication, less than 50% of workers say they know what their HR guidelines are.
  • Bernie Althofer | 13 Aug 2012, 08:56 AM Agree 0
    There are probably many reasons why the survey showed these results. In some cases, there might be 'little' need for the worker to have knowledge of the policy or procedure particularly if they are not in a line management/supervisory role. However, induction programs being what they can be in some organisations, there may be little chance to go through all the key HR policies etc. Instead, there is a quick overview of a few key policies e.g. WHS, Sexual harassment, bullying, security etc and everyone is done within the day.

    It might be more effective in the long run for a mentor to be appointed to a new employee and have the mentor guide the employee through all the relevant HR (and other policies) that relate to the job that the employee was hired to do. Questions such as "What policies and procedures must the new employee know in the first month?"; What policies and procedures should the employee know in the first six months" might help focus the process. In addition, the new employee needs to be shown where and how to access the policies and procedures e.g. electronic or hard copy, in what office, security etc.

    Invariably, I will find an employee seeking advice about a workplace relations issue who has not been made aware of a policy or procedure, has never heard it being mentioned in the workplace, does not know where to look it up, and does not know who to ask.

    Developing proactive strategies to ensure that there is currency of knowledge across all levels of an organisation can help reduce risk exposure and claims that "Noboby told me."
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