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Engaging the next generation of leaders

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HC Online | 20 Dec 2011, 12:00 AM Agree 0
Mercer's 'What's Working' survey of 1,000 Australian employees found that the national workforce is motivated more by strong, quality leadership than employee bonuses or benefits. Marianne Roux explores how to engage mid-level managers.
  • Gregory Evans | 20 Dec 2011, 04:26 PM Agree 0
    You’ve got to wonder how HR can be taken seriously in business, if the quality of analysis of this article is in anyway typical.

    Quoting data without a trend comparison is a fundamental flaw that occurs routinely through the piece. If we assume that a crisis (a word used three times) is an unstable and dangerous situation, Mercer needs to show that the situation is not the norm. But they don’t.

    Could it be 40-50% dissatisfaction with career opportunities and/or retention strategies within current organisation is a norm in Australian organisations, rather than an acute crisis?

    Could it be that the four in ten Australian workers or middle managers intending to move jobs (in the next 12 months or next 12 years?) is also a steady state? Or perhaps two of the four are retiring? Or are they symptoms of the muc- vaunted move to multiple careers, a popular topic in the management press some years ago.

    Could it be that career opportunities as leaders are limited, given that the number of leadership positions diminish in proportion to seniority?

    The article stretches credibility to breaking point when it concludes that “employers are facing a leadership crisis” or that they face a “disengagement crisis”, because around 40% of middle managers are considering moving jobs, and 52% are satisfied with training and learning opportunities. What’s the trend from previous years?

    C’mon Mercer. You can do better than this.
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