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Can a management meeting amount to 'bullying'?

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HC Online | 21 Apr 2016, 08:10 AM Agree 1
Calling an employee into a management meeting to discuss sensitive issues could backfire on HR if it doesn't fit the “reasonableness” test.
  • Steven Kalavity | 28 Apr 2016, 02:38 PM Agree 2
    Management meetings, if used by an enterprise, should be elaborated on within their policies, first of all. Bullies routinely use the tactic of the "ambush meeting", so much so that it is written about. This demonstrates that the most destructive bullying is done through collusion of the organization hierarchy not just a rogue bully. In my case, I was invited to the "ambush meeting" without any warning. I asked for minute of the meeting and was refused them. I wanted to file a grievance. HR is corrupted by corrupt management. It is that simple. One cannot expect a fair process or meeting when policy and process is ignored and no record is kept. Later, HR did have falsified minutes of the meeting in my personnel file which I received following my leaving the company through the UK Data Protection Act. But, it cost a lot of money and time to prove forgery and fraud even then. This is the stage I am in now. I think workplace bullying is an illegal form of corruption where the abuse of position is allowed to control a corrupt processes and a false narrative in many cases. The process needs third party oversight like most enterprise corruption detection.
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