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Budget 2014: Why the young, the old and the bureaucratic will be lining up for jobs

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HC Online | 14 May 2014, 09:57 AM Agree 0
The pile of CVs on your desk may be about to grow, with measures announced in the 2014 Federal Budget to crack down on the young unemployed, encourage businesses to hire older workers and leave thousands of public servants out of jobs.
  • John Watters | 14 May 2014, 11:47 AM Agree 0
    It should be noted that the number of Career Advisers in schools has started to drop since the beginning of 2014. The remaining advisers have had their workloads adjusted to reduce the amount of time working on career issues. The Budget has also discontinued all funding to NFPs, such as Partnership Brokers and Youth Connections, to work with young people to make their transition from school to further education, training and employment easier.
    Hence, there will be fewer advisers and NO external assistance which assisted advisers.
  • Michelle | 14 May 2014, 01:20 PM Agree 0
    A friend of mine is 74 and works FULL-TIME in a law firm. I've known her since we worked together in 1989-1990 when she was in her 50's and I was in my 20's. She was then and still is now an asset and a valued and respected employee and colleague. I am now 51 now and laugh to read that I am grouped in the 'incentive pool' for a prospective employer to be rewarded for employing me.
    It may be that some recruiters or employers or a combination of both need to open their minds, drop their prejudices and embrace the fact that men and women of all ages can and do bring value to an employer during their 20's, 30's, 40s, 50's and beyond.

    I do wonder whether the hardship would reduce for our younger Australians if there were incentives in place for employers to keep entry level jobs in Australia?
  • Tony | 14 May 2014, 04:32 PM Agree 0
    So.... what disincentives are in place to prevent faceless big employers from rorting our kids?

    After a year toughing it out through work for the dole and non-payment, a kid is offered a job at "McColesWorths". They eagerly take the job, not knowing that the government is effectively paying half their wage.

    After a period of time, the subsidy runs out. The faceless corporation pushes them to the back of the casual roster, in favour of some other eager unemployed subsidy-attracting youngster....while the jaded youth now faces 6 months wait to get back onto the merrygoround again.

    This is so open to exploitation - it cannot be allowed to happen.
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